Hi, I'm Reni, a fighting dreamer, a warrior of past failures and a travel blogger. Moving from one city to another, from one country to another, has made me learn a lot of things about the meaning of life; this full of dynamics life. So, don't ask me about the many occupations I've come to taste for the sake of survival, (lol, laughing out loud). Traveling is extremely eye opening. I love to watch how people live in other countries, what their traditions are and learn about their traditions and even celebrate with them. When Iam travelling: I can do anything, I can go anywhere and I am so willing to try new stuff and push my own boundaries because I am in a new place. It gives me more strength and courage to step out of my comfort zone.

Wandering about has made me a person who never hesitates in making decisions. For me, opportunity comes like alighting butterflies before they eventually fly again, approaching other flowers. They choose what they believe because they are sure of it, and they will fight for that choice which will open your eyes to new things. It leads me to something that I really wanted all this time; discovering what my life's calling really is.

Reminiscing my past, it turned out that I rose from a deep abyss, from a raging hunger, from millions of faults, from insistent failures, from sludge of errors, from the darkness to the point where my heart could not feel a thing, and don’t ask about falling to bleed, just don’t, because I have gotten through them all.

If I were to write it in a book, all the chapters are surely climaxes. I know, of course, my smiles and happiness could become weeps someday, or even today. At least, I'm not a new kid when it comes to life.

I'm still fighting, still struggling, because I don't want to die in failures.