In the last three years, I have indeed been implementing the concept of self-love, because in the previous years I was too focused on pleasing others while ignoring myself, oh forget it. Now that I am applying this concept of self-love, for every birthday or every achievement, I always reward myself with gifts such as bags, clothes, cellphones etc. But it looks like I will change this habit, still rewarding myself, but it looks like I will reward myself with new habits instead, which are certainly better.

Well, these are my new habits I have been implementing recently.

1. Extrovert to Introvert

Calm down, it's not as scary as it sounds. I don’t change, not at all, and don’t mean to be anti-social either. It's just that every passing day I am realizing which ones should be prioritized and which shouldn't be. I am reducing excessive social activities and focusing on organizing myself for better quality, such as reducing the hours on social media, reducing interactions with people, and of course spending time with those closest to me who play important roles in my life's journey. I'm happier interacting with less people but of more quality. in my 30s, the perfect weekend is one with zero social plans.

2. Less Meat, More Fruit and Vegetable

Well, I started eating less meat, twice a week, on Saturdays and Sundays. Why, you ask? Well because by living this lifestyle, I feel healthier, like my stress is reduced, my body is healthier, and my weight is more ideal. I used to avoid eating fruit, it's strange to hear, lol. I only ate papaya and mango which are not-ripe yet. However, in the last three years I started eating fruit, initially I made them into juice, then I ate small slices of fruit, and now I eat them every day and the same goes for vegetable. The reason I only eat meat twice a week is because I'm trying the flexitarian concept. For you who don't know what flexitarian is; Google it. There are many references about the term. Regardless, I'm simply implementing the concept of a healthy life.

3. Consistent Exercises

Don't push yourselves on consistently exercising just because you want to lose weight, ideal body weight is just a bonus from consistent exercise, because with regular exercises I will have stronger bones and muscles, increased energy, improved endurance, and stable blood pressure and cholesterol, and then finally the ideal body weight.

4. Reducing My Consumptive Behavior

Before we get started I just want to take a moment to clarify what is a minimalist because I think there are some common misconceptions, Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not about living life with as few possessions as possible—or at least, this isn’t the belief I subscribe to. Instead, my definition of minimalism is rooted in intentionality and alignment. I define a minimalist as someone who chooses to be intentional with what they allow in their life. Most often, this refers to physical stuff but it can also refer to people, tasks, or even ideas.

Having said that, minimalism didn’t come easy for me. As you’ll soon see, it was a long and often painful journey that required learning and unlearning a lifetime of beliefs about myself and my place in the world.
But After watching Marissa Anita's video on Great Mind Channel about "Minimalism", I feel guilty. Why? Because since being independent and make my own money, I cannot live without shopping. It was not like this before, because I was financed by my siblings, ergo I know my place, lol. But ever since I became independent, I shopped every week. On one hand, such consumptive lifestyle gave me pleasure and satisfaction, both physically and psychologically. But, such consumptive lifestyle actually has a negative impact on my financial health, no surprise there. Consumptive means nothing but waste which can be interpreted as excessive behavior beyond what is needed. When I open my closet, I see bunch of bags and clothes piling up and sometimes it makes me stressed seeing so many of those stuffs. So I started living life only to buy things when I need it. In fact, with less stuff, I'm much happier. The beauty of being a beginner minimalist is that I can be curious, and daring. I can ask for help, get back up if I fall, and look forward to new adventures in a life with less stuff, drama, debt, and obligation.
Overall, the purpose of a minimalist life is to have more of what matters and less of what doesn’t. It’s that simple.


Well, those are the new habits that I have been implementing in my life lately, and I do it as a form of my love towards my life.